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      About US

      Guangzhou Haowei Sound Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in the professional stage sound system professional company from Guangzhou and Chengdu factories Howe Howe electro-acoustic sound engineering companies, mainly engaged in the production of professional stage sound system research and development , production and professional audio and video systems, intelligent conferencing systems , radio and television equipment and other fields of engineering design, installation and professional and technical services ( including electro-acoustic , build sound , video, lighting and other engineering design consultancy ) .
         Since its inception , with a strong technical strength , excellent reputation , Guangzhou Howe Sound Factory has developed into a professional production base 6000 square meters , more than 100 professional production team, professional audio company multisectoral collaboration , Chengdu Hao Granville sound engineering company to become the most powerful Sichuan professional audio and lighting engineering companies. Production, agents and distribution of professional audio and lighting equipment and conference integrated system are:
      World renowned British Martin, HCF, USA IBO, U.S. EV,
      Australia RACKE, TEP, LEVER, LEXO, ROCK and other professional audio series ;
      U.S. DBX, Germany BEHRINGER, DOD , and other peripheral processing equipment ;
      Japan YAMAHA, England SOUNDCRAFT, USA MACKIE, BEHRINGER mixer , etc. ;
      Japan TOA, USA NEXKON, Netherlands Philips, ITC series of public broadcasting system ; Taipower , Raymond Hatton , Teng wide , safely Conference Systems ;
      SONY, TOSHIBA, SHARP, HTP, DOW projection system and projection systems , etc.
      Guangzhou Science and Technology Co., Howe Sound audio engineering in architectural acoustics and noise control, acoustical engineering , with the domestic strong technical strength , mainly engaged in architectural acoustics engineering design, construction, technical consulting, acoustic noise control and other areas engineering business , particularly in the stadium , theaters, conference halls , and so has a unique architectural acoustics design and construction capabilities. As a professional audio and lighting and important field of digital integrated manufacturers , contractors , our company has always been adhering to the customer first , honest , excellent quality, good service business purposes . Against large stadiums , theaters , multimedia conference center, professional stage sound reinforcement and building public broadcasting, digital conferencing systems, entertainment and other projects are sought to provide its customers excellent engineering as the ultimate goal . Market acceptance of our products in the same time to get established a perfect sales team , with nearly 200 square feet of specialized marketing center, northeast, northwest , east, central , south and southwest six large area market , the country hundreds of agents and distribution providers. HCF UK flagship brand has been unanimously approved dealers across the country .
         In recent years , the company has successfully participated in the design and construction of a soccer field , such as Chengdu , Panzhihua stadium , gymnasium and a number of sports venues in Chongqing , multifunctional conference hall, disco and other entertainment medium-sized audio and lighting engineering , customers will certainly Pu . So far in the field of audio and lighting engineering continued success , not only created a rich experience , excellent technology, good tough fight team, but also in product sales , engineering, service and other aspects to establish a sound management system.

      Haowei Sound Technology Co., Ltd.©Copyright Tel: 020-86448361 26261196 Fax: 020-86448361
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