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      Kara OK entertainment system solutions

      In the rapid development of social economy today, with the continuous improvement of national income and cultural life, the entertainment industry has become increasingly prosperous, KTV has gradually become the first choice for ordinary people gossip leisure and entertainment, at least a dozen private rooms; KTV rooms have mushroomed as ever.
      Kara OK sound system is focused on the expression of human voice and the best combination of music. Based on years of practical experience and research. We put professional sound reinforcement system concept ----- "theater-style sound reinforcement", moved into the KTV rooms. Theater-style sound reinforcement system design concept, is in the home for the voice of the main PA channel to the left and right channels as a form of stereo sound reinforcement.

      Theater-style sound reinforcement system has the advantage:
      First, reduce the interference of human voice, clarity greatly improved.
      Second, the microphone gain increases, access to adequate microphone sound pressure, singing more easily;
      Third, the system to improve sound gain, whistle suppression ability stronger;
      Fourth, replay the music of the speaker and replay of the human voice of the speakers can be, respectively, for their own independent design, get better sound quality;
      Fifth, the sound image is more accurate.
      The benefits of this system can make singers obviously feel relaxed singing, natural, so that listeners can clearly hear the music and vocals are very clear and harmonious.

      According to the above system characteristics, we will system equipment needs will be classified according to the area of ​​the private room, the system configuration varies. Different areas of the private room in the sound pressure level and singing, replay effect to achieve the same professional level.
      In the function, KTV private room sound system should not only be able to achieve excellent karaoke OK singing effect, should also be able to adapt to play dynamic DISCO music and heavy metal music, which requires the use of audio equipment with good sound quality at the same time With a large power reserve and dynamic capabilities.
      In the design of the system using a new speaker configuration, that is, in the traditional two-channel speakers on the basis of the whole plus a separate center of the human voice channel.

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