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      Type comprehensive conference center solution

      Requirement Analysis
      According to the needs of users, the system is designed as a medium-sized comprehensive conference center, which can be built to meet the conference requirements of various sizes, such as: international conference, press conference, simultaneous translation conference, academic seminar, high standard intelligent demonstration Meetings and so on.
      Can be completed according to the actual needs of the following functions of modern high-tech integration of the electronic conference center: conference reinforcement, simultaneous interpretation, conference discussions, conference voting, video conferencing, surveillance cameras, press releases, intelligent control, lighting and sound.
      The solution integrates the modern multimedia integrated system of the world, such as the use of simultaneous interpretation system, the conference proceedings with the elegant and simple features; large-screen projection applications can improve the specifications of the hall grade, with a clear, Color and rich, realistic and dynamic visual effects; the choice of professional audio processing equipment to handle the best state of sound effects, voice clarity and uniformity, demonstration effect is obvious; high-definition and high-precision PTZ camera monitoring equipment to fully meet the modern monitoring (SMARTISYS) network integration control system for remote control operation, the system has a perfect integrity and high reliability, the operating platform can choose true color touch screen, touch screen, Control system involving the hall of each subsystem, the real realization of the "intelligent control."
      System design is modern, high starting point, high quality, high reliability, high integrity. Both with the use of a variety of functions of the modern hall, but also to complete high-quality audio-visual program playback and other special requirements, a high degree of automation of the control mode so that it has a variety of features optional features.

      2 System Overview
      In the rapid development of science and technology and society today, people in daily life and work in the possession and contact with the increasing volume of information, so the exchange of information between people and communication has become more frequent, more and more important. Business negotiations, product demonstrations, guest meetings, leadership, and so are the people of multimedia information exchange, to better achieve the purpose of the need to "meeting" to solve the problem. Modern meeting is simple and lively to express their own meaning, vivid and clear display of their products, but also easy to control the changing scene environment. Image that we need high-quality audio signals, high-definition video and dynamic images and images, physical data, accurate data representation and a set of practical and efficient control system to facilitate the realization of all operations. At this time the conference system not only into the orderly state of the organization, but also to ensure efficient meetings, such conference solutions is undoubtedly the world's most practical significance of the conference organization tool, we call it intelligent meeting system. Network convergence conference control system is such a system.
      Conference control can easily achieve the following functions: Users only need to sit in front of the touch screen, you can intuitively operate the entire conference system, including the system switch, the equipment switch, light and shade adjustment, signal switching, the source of play and stop, A conference and audio system for sound reinforcement; a digital conference and simultaneous interpretation system for discussion, voting and voting; a video conferencing system for teleconferencing; a video conferencing system for video , VGA signal display large-screen projection system; used to provide audio and video signals, multimedia peripherals and so on.

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