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      From the era of blind consumers to choose a reasonable profit rational consumer era to buy, Hao Wei to promote the brand to improve the scientific operation of the development program to standardize the management of the company will be a large area of ​​sales network covering the entire country, the scale advantages, Always adhere to the dealer's profit maximization commitment.
      1, the national unity of the supply price, to provide a comprehensive preferential distribution conditions, so that dealers profit margins increase, profits doubled.
      2, manufacturers to network distributors in one step flat marketing model, the largest possible intermediate link compression, reduce costs, agents have more profit margins.
      3, regular promotional activities to help franchisees to reduce inventory, reduce business risk, to ensure that investors joined the stability of the profits of the report.
      4, for the end customer groups to start multi-media advertising support, effective help distributors to open up the market and maintain the regional management center of the vast market development.
      5, the use of end-consumer interest bundled way to expand customer networks, and to recommend the purchase of incentives to mobilize end-customers to participate in the re-consumption, hold up and expand customer base.
      6, with the terminal store incentive system, the headquarters of the regular design of the introduction of a unified national rich gifts, promotional materials through the headquarters and terminal Monopoly on-site delivery, to stimulate consumers.

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