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         Haowei Audio manufacturing base --- a gathering place for cutting-edge audiovisual technology
         Haowei Sound 's manufacturing base with normalized production management system , innovative electro-acoustic technology, services in international brands of manufacturing experience , and worldwide reputation.As a large number of internationally renowned audio brands to provide OEM and ODM services.Manufacturing base not only has a large-scale production facilities in Europe advanced electro-acoustic detection equipment and the industry's highly respected design team, and the use of cutting-edge electro-acoustic technology in Europe committed to the development and manufacture of excellent speakers , through international procurement and other ways to ensure the originaldevices and manufacturing costs, but also because of the many years of providing ODM, OEM process, from product development and design, assembly and production , warehousing and logistics, have accumulated a set of perfect quality assurance system .
         Haowei Sound endless pursuit of the latest technology in product design and long deposition hone unique inspiration for the Howe Sound confident grasp the fashion trend .Skillful interpretation of the modern sense of beauty and art unique understanding of , and incorporate them into cutting-edge audio-visual equipment , combined with the traditional design of the structure of subversion , Howe Sound is a celebration of fashion products with personality, the perfect blend of rational and emotional , morethe crowd could easily have their own satisfaction the finest sound solutions.
       Carry more entrepreneurial dream , fully integrated technology resources, human resources, improve the overall value.Not only in its own technology in audio visual technology , hardware-centric network platform to carry out services , and will be more actively involved with the development of the concept of co- owned enterprises and commercial parties , including elastic Union ( strategic partnerships ) , including allforms of cooperation.

      Future-oriented audio-visual technology , research and development for the public demand for audiovisual products

        Context of the future development of technology more and more clear to the intelligent, humane over , the real value lies in science and technology to better serve the people of our audio and video products are based on your unlimited imagination in science forms.All high- quality audio and more expensive , counter its Daoxing Howe Sound , with a strong offensive to reverse the trend of prices , the impact of consumers' psychological defense presented the highest levels of the value proposition , the collapse of the traditional pattern , leading audio industry bottomed out .

      To "high quality is not high " for the marketing strategy

        To cost-effective products for the killer, winning channel , the terminal is king, from the iconic image of the flagship store to store layers of satellite cities around the promotion , not just the number of wins of the scale.Continuation Howe gained international acclaim , based on China's vast market , a comprehensive combing upper and lower end node chain up quality remodeling in the update , down three -point line marketing channels extending spread , on the occasion of bottlenecks in manufacturing icebefore the trip, the ability and courage to make the industry admiration.

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