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      HDMI Principles and Applications


      Definition : HDMI, High-Definition Multimedia Interface ( English : High Definition Multimedia Interface) Chinese means High Definition Multimedia Interface . Is an all-digital video and audio transmission interface, which can provide data transfer bandwidth up to 5Gbps , can transmit uncompressed audio and video signals . HDMI can be used in set-top boxes , DVD players , personal computers, video games, integrated amplifier , digital audio and TV . HDMI can transmit audio and video signals, audio and video signals using the same cable , greatly simplifying system installation.
      HDMI has the advantage of application : just one HDMI cable , you can simultaneously transmit audio and video signals , which greatly simplifies home theater system installation.
      HDMI and DVI on the pin compatible, but with a different package . Compared with DVI , HDMI can transmit digital audio signals, and adds support for HDCP . While providing a better DDC optional features. HDMI can transmit as far as 15 meters. Sufficient to meet a 1080p video and an 8 -channel audio signals. HDMI supports EDID, DDC2B, so the HDMI devices feature " plug and play" feature, the signal source and display devices will automatically be "negotiated ." Automatically select the most appropriate video frequency format.
      Popular speaking HDMI is not a mystery , it is as a new interface can support simultaneous transmission of sound and image , voice and images that are used to transmit an HDMI cable ( with the traditional distinction ) , the signal uncompressed . It is up to 1080p resolution is 1960x1080 , which is the true meaning of the definition and the daily said people will also be able to achieve 720p HD ie 1280 720 pixels .
      HDMI interface applications, now it is very broad :
      1 , HD sources : Blu-ray Player HDD Player PS3 alone was the high-end computer monitoring equipment ;
      2 , the display device : LCD TV computer monitors ( relatively rare ) monitoring display devices. LCD TV with HDMI interface is the most common : usually at least one , and more up to 3-6 HDMI.
      Suggests that it is an HDMI cable with HDMI cable, respectively, more class : According to OD diameter min: No. 30 No. 28 No. 24 , the smaller the number the larger the diameter OD , so the quality the better ; According to the subsidiary : whether with magnetic tape nylon mesh plastic head metal head , etc. , with a ring nylon mesh metal head stability will be better . HDMI cable supports 1080p signal transmission, but the HDMI cable transmission distance is limited . Currently can do 20 Alameda 1080p, if the HDMI cable and then a long signal will be attenuated up to 1080i or no graphics. This also tell you the quality of the wire in the market to buy , since the different manufacturers cord specifications may vary ! Of course, if you want an HDMI signal transmission distance can be used to further extend HDMI signal amplifier ( up to 30 m ) , cable extender ( a signal conversion device through six cable instead of HDMI cable transmission theoretical distance of at least 60 meters up to 45 meters). functional strengths of the HDMI specification interface while maintaining high -quality case in digital form can transmit uncompressed high-definition video and multi- channel audio data . Its superior performance beyond all previous products.
      HDMI specification connectors use a single connection , replacing the cables behind the product complex .
      Interface cable using the HDMI specification broadens the length limit. For example : DVI cable length can not exceed 8 meters , otherwise it will affect the picture quality, and compliance with the HDMI specification cable lengths up to 15 m .
      The HDMI specification can be used with broadband digital content protection (HDCP), in order to prevent copyrighted video content from unauthorized copying .
      HDMI interface works
      This figure is a schematic diagram of the HDMI interface architecture .

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